Software Developer
Wondering what I'm capable of?
A few examples of some projects I worked on in the past.
NextJs, Tailwind CSS, PlanetScale, React Query, tRPC, Jotai

  • Software Developers of Calgary (SDC) is a community website that helps developers learn and build together through mini hackathon events
Care My Way
NextJs, Tailwind CSS, PlanetScale, React Query, tRPC

  • A caregivers for aging loved ones. Care my Way offers resources and tools to help you navigate the care journey.
Buy Forest a Coffee
Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Stripe, Airtable

  • A simple coffee donation website made with Stripe
Terminal Portfolio
Next.js, Tailwind CSS

  • A terminal-like portfolio website
URL Shortener
NextJS, PlanetScale DB, tRPC

  • A simple URL shortener build with a tRPC backend
Music Player Prototype
NextJS, Redux Toolkit, Tailwind CSS

  • A quick prototype of a music video player web app I built for a startup
Ketchup Wars
NextJS, PlanetScale DB

  • There was an epic argumenet on Pixels and Pints YYC Discord
  • So I built a simple survey website to see if people liked ketchup or not
Keto Clock
React Native, MongoDB, Apollo Server, Serverless, Redux Toolkit

  • Communicating design and development standards to shareholders and developers
  • Managing ongoing projects and task delegation for junior developers
  • Performing code reviews to maintain quality code standards
EMCO Energy
NextJS, MongoDB, Firebase, Lambda, EC2, DynamoDB

  • Redesigning and rebuilding EMCO energy website and CMS dashboard from the ground up
  • Deployment of front/backend to AWS EC2 instance
  • Integrated APIs through Lambda functions via API Gateway connected to DynamoDB
Greengate Energy VR Experience
Unreal Engine 4

  • Creating VR experience to communicate the scale of solar and wind turbine farms in Alberta using Unreal Engine 4
  • Creating a 1:1 VR level which is the largest solar farm project in North America
URL Shortener
S3, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Route 53

  • Creates a random shortened URL that redirects you to the registered original URL
  • Completely serverless utilizing AWS S3, Lambda, API Gateway, and DynamoDB
Google Gram
NextJS, Firebase, Clarifai

  • Delivering a simple gallery experience with realtime updates via Firebase snapshots and integrated NSFW filter
Flutter, Firebase

  • Winner of best in category for Family and Community Centred Care at Innovation 4 Health Hackathon
  • Delivering a full stack iOS/Android app MVP within the 4 week competition period
Expense Robot
Flutter, Firebase

  • Winner of 1st place at ATB Open Banking Hackathon
  • Delivered full stack iOS/Android application using Flutter in 24 hours

  • Delivering a simple painting experience with pure JS
NYT Flutter Times

  • Serving the New York Times through Flutter Web
Flutter, Firebase

  • Delivering a full stack NFC scanner/writer app for STEM education in Android and iOS